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Kids Sizing Chart

Kids B.D.U. Shirts:

Chest size in inches:
Size 2(up to 29), 4(29-30), 6(30-31), 8(31-32), 10(32-33),
12(33-34), 14(34-35), 16(35-36), 18(36-37), 20(37-38)

Kids B.D.U. Pants:
Waist size in inches:
Size 2(18-22), 4(20-24), 6(21-25), 8(22-26), 10(23-27),
12(24-28), 14(25-29), 16(26-30), 18(27-31), 20(31-33)

Kids Flightsuits:
Chest size in inches:
Small(Up to 26), Medium(26-30),
Large(30-34), XLarge(34-38)

Kids Camo T-Shirts
Chest size in inches:
XSmall(25-26), Small(27-28), Medium(29-30),
Large(31-33), XLarge(34-36).

Kids Vintage Fatigues, Shorts:
Waist sizes in inches:
XSmall(23"), Small(25"), Medium(27"),
Large(29"), XLarge(31").

Girls T-Shirts, Capris, Fatigues:
Chest & Waist sizes in inches:
Size 6(XSmall), 8(Small), 10(Medium), 12-14(Large), 16(XLarge)
Chest 24"(XSmall), 26"(Small), 28"(Medium), 30"(Large), 32"(XLarge)
Waist 24"(XSmall), 25"(Small), 26"(Medium), 27-28"(Large), 29"(XLarge).

Kids Fatigue Caps
Head size in inches:
Size Med(6 1/2), Head size 20 1/2",
Size Large(6 3/4), Head size 21 1/8".