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Important information for screenprinters.
Information or suggestions for printing on Camouflage tees.

The nature of the print on the camouflage is to bleed through any other print placed over the camouflage base print. Dye migration will occur as the heat in drying causes the camouflage printed dyes to revert back to a "liquid' state.
To improve on this problem we suggest the following:

! Use an ink formulated for high bleed resistance like a poly white or ultra white
! Using polyester inks like One Stroke will also help because they dry at a much lower temp. Use a 140 or lower mesh count
! Print
! Flash
! Print
! Dry no higher than 300-320 degrees fahrenheit
! Dry for a minimum of 1 to 1 1/2 minutes

By following the above procedure the printer will have done everything possible to reduce the bleeding. Using the lower heat setting will lessen the tendency of the camouflage inks to migrate through the over print. By printing and flash drying the printer builds a print surface that will help stop the migration to the final coat of ink. The increased dwell time will allow the ink to cure. It is ok to use polyester inks on cotton and cotton blends. Always test your inks.