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Here are all the products in this category:
2 Qt. Blanket Desert Canteen
Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Quantity Discounts
$ 8.99
Camo Desert Canteens
Available in 2 Sizes, Quantity Discounts
$ 5.49
Plastic Canteens with Cover & Cup
Available in Black & Olive Drab
$ 11.99
Canteen & Pistol Belt Kit
Available with Plastic or Aluminum Canteen
$ 10.99
Military 1 Qt. Plastic Canteens
Available in 3 Colors, Made in USA, Quantity Discounts
$ 3.49
Military Type Canteen Cup
Fits Under 1 Qt. Plastic Canteen, Quantity Discounts
$ 4.99
Military 2 Qt. Bladder Canteen Covers
Available in Woodland Camo, Black & Olive Drab
$ 11.99
Military 2 Qt. Bladder Canteens
Available in Olive Drab & Black, Made in USA, Quantity Discounts
$ 7.99
Military Style Aluminum Canteen
1 Qt. Heavy Gauge Aluminum
$ 6.99
Military Style Canteen Cup
Fits Under 1 Qt. Aluminum Canteen, Quantity Discounts
$ 5.99
Military Style Canteen & Cover
1 Qt. Heavy Gauge Aluminum, Quantity Discounts
$ 9.99
Military Type 1 Qt. Canteen Covers
Available in 5 Colors, Quantity Discounts
$ 5.99
5 Gallon Water Carrier
Carrying Handle, Folds Flat
$ 10.99
Canvas Water Buckets
Available in Olive Drab & Natural (White)
$ 9.99
Camo Lensatic Compass
Available in Woodland Camo & ACU Digital Camo, Quantity Discounts
$ 8.99
Lensatic Compasses
Available with Plastic or Metal Case, Quantity Discounts
$ 4.49
Bracelet With Compass
Available in 7", 8" & 9" Lengths
$ 4.99
Military Compass With Light
Red Light with on/off Switch
$ 10.99
Military Marching Compass
Available in Tan, Olive Drab & Black, Quantity Discounts
$ 8.99
Silva Polaris 177 Compass
Official Boy Scout Compass, Quantity Discounts
$ 21.99
11 Function Pocket Knife
Blades, Screwdrivers, Scissors, Saw, Can Opener, etc., Quantity Discounts
$ 7.99
Special Forces Survival Kit Knife
7 1/2" Stainless Steel Blade
$ 21.99
Water Purification Tablets
EPA Approved, Used by the U.S. Military, Quantity Discounts
$ 14.99
Water Treatment Kit
Treats 30 Gallons of Water, Made in USA, Quantity Discounts
$ 18.99
Jungle First Aid Kit
Essential First Aid Items, Quantity Discounts
$ 13.99
Platoon Leader's First Aid Kit
Multitude of First Aid Items, Quantity Discounts
$ 27.99
Military First Aid Kit
Made in USA, Quantity Discounts
$ 29.99
4 Pack 6" Lightsticks
Available in 4 Colors, Quantity Discounts
$ 6.99
6" Glow In The Dark Lightsticks
Available in 7 Colors, Quantity Discounts
$ 1.99
Military Type 2 D-Cell Flashlights
Available in 4 Colors, Quantity Discounts
$ 7.49
2 Person Survival Tent
Compact & Lightweight
$ 8.99
Polarshield Silver/Orange Survival Blanket
Reflects 90% of Body Heat, Quantity Discounts
$ 4.99
Polarshield Survival Blankets
Available in 2 Sizes, Quantity Discounts
$ 2.99
Emergency Ponchos
Available in 4 Colors, Quantity Discounts
$ 1.99
Military Ready To Eat Meals
Available in 8 Great Flavors, Made in USA
$ 5.99
Multi-Purpose Tool
Compass, Shovel, Saw, Axe & Pick
$ 19.99
Survival Hatchet
Hammer, Pry Bar, Nail Remover
$ 15.99
3/8" Utility Rope
Available in 3 Colors in 50' & 100'
$ 13.99
Sabre Jogger Pepper Spray
Wraps around Hand or Wrist, Quantity Discounts
$ 14.99
Sabre Pepper Spray
Quick Release Key Ring, Quantity Discounts
$ 14.99
Sabre Jogger Pepper Spray
Wraps around Hand or Wrist, Quantity Discounts
$ 13.99
Sabre Pepper Spray W/Case
Key Ring, Plastic Case, Quantity Discounts
$ 11.99

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